Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular and distinct breeds of Oriental cats. Siamese cats are originally from Thailand, which used to be known as Siam; this is, of course, where this particular breed of cat got its name. There are actually more breeds of Thailand-based cats, known as Wichian Mat and the Siamese cats only represent one of them. Siamese cats were brought to Europe sometime during the 20th century and almost immediately became a favorite and a very popular breed of cat both on the old continent and in North America as well.

Though its popularity here only grew in the 20th century, this was not the first time Siamese cats had seen the Western world, as there is documentation placing them in Great Britain in 1884 and in America in 1978, in both instances owned by an Ambassador or a President. This meant that the Siamese cats were only brought as a caprice to their respective countries, so the breed didn’t really get to spread until much later. The types of Siamese cats that were brought to Europe or America were much like the breeds that you’ll still find in Thailand and Asia today.

Us Westerners wanted to refine certain traits of the Siamese cat and to get rid of others, such as a genetic disorder that made them be born cross-eyed. While they were at first brought to Europe and America as exotic pets that only the rich or connected people could afford, towards the middle of the 20th century their popularity rapidly spread and more and more people had access to this quirky and mysterious cat. For those who’ve never seen them – though that’s practically impossible –, Siamese cats are usually of ashy blonde color with darkened extremities: dark fur on the nose, ears, tail and paws. The preferred Siamese cats are those with light blue eyes which make an interesting contrast with its shady mask.

Due to repeated breeding, many types of Siamese cats were developed, but the general aspect they have is elongated and tubular; their faces are lean and slender, much like the rest of their bodies, so they can get a really elegant or superior-like appearance. Original Siamese cats that haven’t been hybridized with other breeds are usually called “Traditional Siamese”, “Appleheads” or “Old Style Siamese”. Some other types of cats that were derived from the Siamese are the Balinese, the Burmese, the Himalayan, the Javanese, the Ocicat, Savannah, Thai Cat, Tonkinese and others.

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