Small guide for those who have to confront with indoor air quality problems

Small guide for those who have to confront with indoor air quality problems


There are many people who say that they can barely concentrate when the indoor air is not clean enough. But many of them say that they do not know what they should do precisely. Thus, here is a small guide to the most important things that people should take into consideration when they have to confront with such problem.

Firstly – the main consequences of poor indoor air quality

If the quality of the air is not clean, there are many people who say that they suffer from headaches. But the greatest problem is that, in the majority of cases, they cannot identify the cause of their health problem. Just a few individuals are able to figure out the indoor air is the one which should be blamed.

On the other hand, those who have allergies or breathing difficulties can find it even more difficult to spend their time inside a room which does not have the right quality of the air. What is more, the lack of concentration and the excessive coughing are also some consequences of the low quality of air, especially for those who have to stay in the same room for more than five hours. Even if people think that the air pollution level is higher outside, there are studies which indicate that the indoor air is also something that should make people feel concerned. Not to mention that opening the window in order to let the “fresh” air inside is not enough nowadays.

But, unfortunately, this is not all. The mould and dust can be also regarded as some real problems. There are people who have a rash and irritated skin because of dust. Also, those who are more sensitive can get ear and eye infections. But, there are solutions. The mould inspection air testing services can prove quite useful. They usually include a detailed report with both problems and solutions, in order to make their clients feel safe. Therefore, if you feel like you have to face any of these problems, do not waste time and call the real experts from Canada. Search for Toronto air quality testing services and you will get the best results.

Secondly – how can air quality testing services help you?

First of all, they can definitely improve the quality of the air. The only thing you have to do is to give them a call or to write them an e-mail and they will come to your place. The best part when it comes to asking for the services of such company is that they also come with solutions. They have both tools and skills for solving the problem and they have also the ability to work fast.

There are also people who say that they prefer investing in an indoor air quality test kit because it seems like an affordable option. But, sometimes this kit it is not as user-friendly as it seems. Because of lack of experience, people cannot find out how to use it correctly and it will prove nothing but a waste of money.

But how can you find a reliable inspection company? The answer to this question is quite simple. You should search online first, in order to find some alternatives. Reading reviews can be also a good option, in order to identify the good experts. Then, checking their portfolio, in order to see if their experience is reliable is definitely something that you should do.

Other tips for improving the quality of indoor air:

  • Try to avoid cheap cleaning products because they contain pollutants which can highly affect the air from inside your house.
  • Pets can also be a cause. But, we do not insinuate to avoid buying one. The most important aspect is that you should take good care of it and make sure that you respect the hygiene rules.
  • Keep everything clean. It may sound like a difficult thing to do, due to the fact that sometimes you arrive home late and the last thing that you would like to do is to clean everything. But, at least once a week you should make sure that you make time for cleaning. The experts say that you should also include mopping in your cleaning process. Mopping picks up the dust which refuses to go away only by using the vacuum cleaner.
  • Get in control when it comes to your humidity level. This level should be around 30%-40% in order to keep other allergens away. But, sometimes this is not an easy thing to do. Thus, you would better ask the professionals for advice, when you ask them to come and test the indoor air from your house.
  • Avoid smoking inside the house. Even if it may sound difficult to believe, the cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals which can cause serious respiratory infections, especially for children who do not have such a good immune system.