Square foot gardening

Square foot gardening

If you are among the persons that live in a house and have some outdoor space they want to use in order to benefit from harvesting different crops then you should take into consideration also planning a garden that can give you the vegetables you need for your daily meals or you can simply plant some herbs or flowers that you can use for putting into a vase and enhance the appearance of your rooms. Among the types of gardening people can choose from you should take a few moments in reading some important things about the square foot gardening.

This type of gardening can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. You should know that regardless the fact it refers to planting vegetables or flowers, this gardening method is quite different from the conventional gardening. And since there are some major differences between these two types of gardening we will refer in this article to the specifications that add to the uniqueness of the gardening implying a square foot planted garden. The first thing you need to know is that this gardening method refers to quite a small place to have your vegetable or flower seeds planted on. It is intended for the ones that are beginners in the art of gardening or for the ones that want to have a small corner that should bring a pleasant view to their eyes. The main characteristic of this garden type is given by the fact it appears like a densely planted area when the vegetables are matured or when the flowers are in bloom. Making personalized garden gifts for square foot gardens is also easier, because the market is full of cute miniature statues and décor accessories. Keep in mind that a square foot garden does not necessarily need to have an area of a square foot. It can be bigger or smaller than a square foot but you need to know the actual size of the area in question in order to know how many plants to use. If you don’t know how to calculate the square footage of the garden in question, you can use an online calculator such as

If you want to use the square foot gardening for the purpose of planting your most preferred vegetables, then you should know the soil you need to use in this gardening refers to the same soil used in the conventional gardening. Moreover, keeping the soil fertilized and moisturized is also important in this kind of gardening as this leads to healthy crops. But the difference is that with this gardening type things get easier to handle and your crops are more likely to mature earlier and better as the small place in which they are displaced permits you to maintain them more easily. And not to mention you have full access to the conditions the vegetables need to be provided with in order to properly grow.

You should know the square foot gardening is also fitted for the areas where the soil is poor or not suited for growing different vegetables or flowers and it implies conditioning it with fertilizer or mixing it with fertile soil. Taking gardening as a hobby requires a lot of time and commitment. You should always do some research on how to grow various types of plants. Click here if you want to discover more gardening ideas. On that website, you will find various ideas that will help you grow a gorgeous garden, regardless of your available space.