Steak recipes

Steak recipes

In the abounding sites with different recipes available for people to cook in the comfort of their own houses, the steak recipes are not less popular. Actually, these recipes involving red meat can be placed on top of the list of most appreciated and nourishing meals. And we all know that no matter the season, people like to eat different steak dishes which have their meat prepared either by boiling or grilling it.

If you like eating beef, then you surely know how tasty it can get in marinating it or making a barbeque from it for you and your friends to eat along with some salads. There are many people who like to barbeque and drink a good beer for the supper, these days. And if you are one of them it is useless to provide you with some step by step indications on how to grill your steak in order to taste delicious.

On the other hand, you need to know that there are many ways to enhance the taste of your steak with garnishing it with some vegetables, herbs, citrus and different other sorts of fruits.

Among other steak recipes the one that involves having some creamy mashed potatoes next to your grilled steak seem to attract many gourmands. The rice side dish is making another popular option people have in serving grilled or marinated steak. In this case the rice needs to be boiled along with some veggies and a bouillon cube. In the recipient you might also like to include some mushrooms and broccoli together with pepper, salt and different spices. But if you had enough of vegetables and legumes, a good option for your marinated or grilled steak would be to add some pasta.

There are many ways in which you can prepare steak. If you want to make steak marinade, you only need as ingredients a tablespoon of olive oil, some garlic, a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of soy sauce, some mustard and salt and pepper. All the ingredients need to be mixed together and after placed with strip loin steaks into a recipient that should go into the freezer. Use also balsamic vinegar in order to enhance the marinade taste.

You can also choose to make different sauces to your steak. And many steak recipes are also including different sauces as side dish. You can put whatever you find in your pantry in your sauce in order to taste great from tomatoes, onion, garlic to mushrooms. Use some olive oil as it is healthier to cook with and add some flour or a splash of milk if you like.