Surefire ways to increase attendance at your business event

Selling a lot of tickets for an event that you organized should be your main goal at the moment. Business events are all about attendance, so gather all your resources and invest them in ways that will transform your own into a popular one. Even though it might require patience and a lot of research, making your event known is absolutely paramount for its success. Business events encourage networking and gather many people who are interested in the same things in one single place to discuss and share ideas. Here’s what you need to know:


Event discovery groups and websites

If you have a Facebook account, you already know about the many groups that promote all sorts of events. Putting your own business event there might get a few people to attend. There are discovery websites that are dedicated to making events popular, so go ahead, sign up and post your business event details there. You’d be surprised how large the community is on social media platforms and discovery websites.


Next, you might want to pay attention to the way you deliver information about your event. Hiring a content writer is the most recommended choice if you’re not good with words yourself. The content you use should be persuasive enough to convince people who might be interested in the topic of your business event to attend it. You should also try implementing a marketing strategy with press releases to let people know more about the schedule of the event or what is going to be discussed. Combining marketing text with good visuals is your ticket to hosting a successful business event.


Have you ever heard of Pinterest? It is a website where people share ideas with the help of images. Creating an infographic and publishing it on Pinterest or other social media platforms should have a visible impact on your target audience. Actually, visuals are easier to perceive than large blocks of text, so if you can afford to hire a designer to put together an infographic for you, do it without second thoughts. Using posters and infographics instead of communicating announcements through text is much more efficient and you’ll see the results rapidly.

Videos, videos, videos

Talking about visuals, how about presenting your big business event in a short video? You can publish the respective video as a trailer for what’s about to happen. Social media platforms, YouTube, and even television can all help you bring your event to the top. It may be more expensive to run a video marketing campaign, but it will surely generate the expected results. It might take longer to prepare such a campaign and the costs will be high as well, so think about it thoroughly before making any decisions. You can’t go wrong with video promotion, especially if you have a well-set target audience.

Online advertising at its best

In case you possess the budget to promote your business event in the online field, don’t hesitate to do it. The Internet is the fastest method to transmit information to many people at once. You can pay for advertising campaigns on Facebook or other platforms that accept sponsored adds. Lately, Instagram seems to be a good method to promote products, services, and events. Rely on online advertising before anything else and enough people will attend your event. Online advertising is not easy to master, but studying the basic concepts should help you in the long run.


Setting the right target audience is a necessity. Otherwise, you might spend money on marketing strategies that won’t make a difference when it comes to the number of participants at your business event. Depending on the topic you want to cover during your business event, set the age of your potential target audience, the preferred occupation and all the other relevant details that might help with segmenting the audience properly. You want a certain category of people to attend your event, and this is why you should take your time to decide what target audience should be focused.

Social influencers and brand ambassadors

Social influencers are people who have a lot of followers because of their proficient online activity. These people can use their influence on the Internet to get people to try products or attend events. You can ask the service of a social influencer if you want your event to get promoted among a certain sector of people. The same goes for brand ambassadors, who are doing the same thing but at a different scale. Of course, you will have to pay these people to promote your event, unless they are not interested in the event themselves.

Lookalike events

If you know people who just organized a similar business event and many people attended, get in touch with the host. By doing this, you might present the information related to your own business event to the people that were present at this lookalike event. In most cases, the attendants of an event are likely to participate in similar ones in the future, so you may try your luck with this method. You can participate to lookalike events yourself and expand your network to ensure your future audience for your next events.

Check-in and tickets

Finally, to make people think about coming to your event, you should give them a sense of urgency. To do that, you can implement a check-in program or buy a reserved seating ticket software  to let potential people buy their tickets or book their seats early before the event. Creating the sense of urgency means you will mention that the tickets are limited and people should hurry to book a seat before the event is sold out. This is a good modality to gain more attendants and it will also ease the process of selling tickets. If you do that online, you are reducing the efforts involved in selling tickets tremendously. Booking places using a software is much more organized than handling the reservations all by yourself.