Clean Energy

If you wonder what clean energy is, then you should find out that clean energy is that which protects the environment and offers an alternative solution to other energy sources which don’t use renewable supplies and which also interfere with keeping nature clean and green; this type of energy has to do with natural energy sources like wind, water, sun and wood.

Advantages of Solar Energy

The first thing you need to find out regarding the advantages of solar energy is that this type of energy is renewable, which definitely is a plus and people can always rely on solar cells, when having their homes provided with electricity; we should also mention that solar cells come in handy for those who live in places where the electricity service is sporadic or of poor quality.

What is Solar Energy?

Wondering what is solar energy? If yes, you should know that this type of energy has the sun as source; the radiant light or heat from the sun, as solar energy is also referred to, is that which various solar energy technologies such as solar photovoltaics, solar heating or solar thermal electricity try to capture and use, in order to provide thermal or electric energy.

Types of Solar Panels

These days, there are different types of solar panels one can select among, when deciding on what solar power system to turn to, in matter of costs and efficiency; the most commonly known types of solar panels refer to monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels and amorphous panels which can be cheaper or more expensive according to their efficiency.

Green Computing

We all know that computer manufacturers are now more interested than ever in designing monitors, storage devices, printers and various networking systems in a way that ensures more efficiency to these tools and also reduces their damaging effects on the environment; green computing is that which deals with environmentally sustainable computing.

Green Technologies

Green technologies have to do with reducing waste and toxic by products, reusing energy, working in harmony with eco-systems and using renewable energy; the term is also used to refer to certain innovations and advancements in technology like bioreactors and wind turbines that use renewable energy sources, which are said to never run out, unlike oil supplies.