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The Best Humidifiers for Adults and Babies

The Best Humidifiers for Adults and Babies

Humidifiers are appliances that increase moisture in an area with dry air. There are units that are meant to humidify a single room, and units that can humidify the entire house by connecting them to a home air conditioner system.

People who live in dry and hot climates can face some heath issues due to a low level of humidity. Furthermore, in winter, the artificially heated places can cause uncomfortableness for those who have to spend time indoors breathing heated air. If the humidity level drops below 20% you can face some respiratory distress due to the dried mucous membranes.

These humidifiers are sold portable, compact personal, whole-house and floor console models. They are highly recommended for people who want to improve the air quality and their comfort by getting rid of the dry air in their homes. Turning to this method can mean a great thing for their health because they will no longer have to worry about chapped lips or cough.

However, it is important to control the level of humidity that exists in the air, because excessive moisture can cause other types of health problems. A high level of humidity can lead to mildew and damp that can activate asthma, sinus congestion, tonsillitis and headaches. So, in order to maintain a proper balance, you must set the normal humidity level, which can be as low as 20-30%.

If you have babies and you don’t know how to treat their dry skin and congestion, you should know that most of the pediatricians recommend a warm-air vaporizer. These type of humidifiers are very indicated, especially because unlike the cold-air vaporizers, they provide clean air by vaporizing the germs while converting water to steam. That way any existing bacteria is killed.

If you can’t afford to invest money in such a device, you can opt for a natural humidifier that can be very easily assembled. All you have to do is use a stainless steel bowl which you must fill with water  and which you have to cover with a towel. Next, you need to use any type of weight to sink the towel in the center of the bowl. The water will spread through the towel, and due to its large surface rapid evaporation will occur. Although it might seem like all your worries are gone now, you must not forget to replace every other day the towel so that you can prevent mold or bacteria from appearing.