The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok

The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok

If you are a fan of reading books you know for sure that there are innumerable good books published that can turn into favorite pastime for many. And the option you have in reading books depends on nothing but your personal choice and preference. You should know that currently you can choose between many styles and genres of literature that can put in your book’ pages fiction or real facts depicted from life. But lately people interests in books seem to be more into reading stories that have to deal with the real life and with situations people were confronted with and that helped them understand the full meaning of life. If you want to read a masterpiece that should make you enjoy every single page in your book you should definitely read The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok.

In order to start with, you should find out that this book is more like an autobiographical story. In facts it is based on the real life of the writer who tells her story to her readers and teaches them a few important facts related to family and more specifically to the relationship between mother and daughter.

The message the novelist tries to transmit people is that no member of a family should be left alone when having to face some health problems that can be tied to insanity. The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok is a perfect opportunity for people to consider the kind of relationship they are giving their families and to reconsider if something must be done to improve it and to bring families closer together. The writer reflects in this book’ pages her own family life that includes in the story telling her mother Norma Herr and her sister. She starts her story from the moments her mother’s sanity could not be questioned and then continues with the deterioration of her mind state that came to end up in schizophrenia. Since at that point the writer happened to be very young she didn’t fully understand the way she and her sister should have taken care of her mother and her condition. And since her life turned into a living hell she chose to move along with her sister from home and leave her mother. After facing a car accident and having to recover herself in a hospital, Mira came to understand in a better approach the illness of her mother and reconsider the situation in which her mother was left alone and turned back to her.

The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok can teach every reader about the importance of family especially in moments of severe health conditions and insanity.