The power of video on corporate websites

Your website is a reflection of your company in the online world, which is why you should make every effort to ensure that it is looks good, works well and is aligned with your corporate values. This means that, on the one hand, you have to publish a site that has a flawless user experience and has no bugs and, on the other hand, you have to choose a digital visual identity that integrates seamlessly into your overall branding strategy. The design, icons, font, logo, all of these visual elements matter in establishing a powerful online presence and standing out from competitors. Another thing you shouldn’t forget about is the video element. Adding videos on your company site is a sign of professionalism and, when done right, corporate video production Sydney has great marketing value.


The benefits of adding videos to your website


  • Informative value. If you provide a service that is quite technical or you simply want to explain how one of your products works, a short video is much more effective than a long page of text. Many times, Web users are in a rush and don’t have the patience to browse through a 500-word landing page. However, you can explain the same thing in a catchy 60-second video and the viewers are more likely to remember it.
  • Better exposure. By definition, video content is more shareable than text, so people who see your video and like it will sent it forward on social media.
  • Marketing value. Corporate videos are an effective means of promoting your company and you should not neglect their value. Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy helps you reach out to more potential customers and make your brand name known to the world.
  • Connect with your website visitors. Not all corporate videos have to be ads. For example, you can make a video about your team and post it on the About page so that visitors can get to know each other better. By seeing your team, not just reading about it, they will feel more familiar and show more trust.
  • Announce news in a different way. Whether you are expanding, launching a new product or just sending an important message about your company, you can make a video about it instead of writing a blog article. It will set you apart from competitors.
  • Recruitment value. A well-made corporate video doesn’t just convince people to hire you. It also convinces them to become a part of your team. You can use creative videos to advertise a vacancy.


One of the biggest communication barriers between business and customers is that businesses often come across as impersonal and unapproachable. Customers perceive them as one, whole, corporate entity, not as a team of individuals. By adding videos with your staff members on the website, you can allow your customers to know you better and project a friendly, personal image.


Tips for successful website videos

If you’ve decided to hire a corporate video production company and make a video about your team or an interview, you will probably come across this common impediment: you or your staff aren’t used to being on camera and you look very uncomfortable while being filmed. Here are some tips to overcome this challenge and avoid those unpleasant, uncomfortable, cringe corporate videos:


  • Try to spend some time with the corporate video producers to get to know them better. This way, you will not feel as awkward on camera.
  • If you are shooting for an interview, establish the questions in advance and take the time to think about the best answers. The producer should have the scrip as well, so they can lead the interview and help you get back on track if you forget your lines.
  • Create the right atmosphere. A formal environment will make the participants feel uncomfortable, so don’t hesitate to break the ice by bringing some snacks and chatting off-screen.
  • Be practical and ask your staff to bring a change of clothes. Something as common as a spilled drink can ruin the entire day and you might have to reschedule the shoot.
  • Focus on just a couple of points when creating a video. Trying to explain many things at once will result in a confusing video that will not accomplish anything. Remember that you are making a video with a specific purpose in mind.
  • Consider the placement of the video. Will you add it to your homepage, on the about page or somewhere else? Depending on the placement, you will need to use different strategies.
  • Look for inspiration. Copying your competitors is not a good idea, but you can seek inspiration from the big players. Watch the most successful video marketing campaigns to get some tips and tricks.

Things to avoid


  • Don’t try to make a video that doesn’t represent your staff or your corporate values in any way. It might sound good on paper, but it will look unnatural and viewers will be able to tell.
  • Avoid using stock footage. Unless you need an animated background for your homepage, do not use stock video to describe your products or services. Not only does it feel very impersonal, but it does not inspire trust.
  • Don’t forget to express a clear call to action statement. After the video, the viewer should feel persuaded to use your services or become a part of your team.
  • Don’t make long videos. The average Internet user has a short attention span – as little as 15 seconds! If they do not see something interesting in this interval, they will just close the window and move on. This is why your video should open with a catchy image or statement and it should exceed one minute.
  • Do not autoplay videos. When browsing your site, clients may also be doing something else, such as listening to music or working. Videos that autoplay can be quite intrusive, so it’s best to let them watch the video when they want.