The Trusted Friend of Sewing Lovers

The Trusted Friend of Sewing Lovers

The market is full of sewing machine manufacturers and this makes the task of choosing a reliable one a little difficult. However, there is one that stands out from all the others and this is Janome. The popularity that the company has enjoyed in recent years is due to the fact that the machines produced are up-to-date with the latest technologies in the sense that they are equipped with numerous features. Janome Sewing Machines are recognized worldwide and this is mainly because they offer a comprehensive range of products that fit to comply with all kind of purposes such as quilting and embroidery.  To learn more about the products offered by Janome, continue to read this article.

Why Janome?

The first argument in favor of choosing this specific brand is the fact that they are a Japanese based company, meaning that the products manufactured are of an indisputable quality. The company is mainly known for the fact that it was among the first to establish a research laboratory dedicated to stimulating innovation in the industry. The merger with the American company has not stopped the company from producing high quality embroidery tools. Among the many modernizations introduced on the market it is worth mentioning the computerized sewing equipment for home use. Additionally, the concept of professional embroidery and quilting were patented by the company before anyone else had thought about them. The fact that they use a limited number of factories offers them the possibility of asserting more control over the production line.

Perfect for beginners   

According to all the reviews received, it is obvious that the products are suitable for beginner sewers that are not already used to manipulating sewing equipment. One such model is the MyStyle 100 that might be considered a little basic, but it is useful for offering learning opportunities. Most of them are capable of penetrating multiple layers and hard fabrics such as leather or denim. Other typical features include adjustable needle position, stitches and buttonholes. The durability is ensured by the metal construction, so that you will acquire something that you can cherish for years and maybe leave on as inheritance. Beginners are also made available computerized products that are accompanied by even more features and controls. It is a lot easier to handle the programmable needle, the start/stop button and the speed control button. Janome also offers the 2212 model that is the best sewing machine for kids because it’s very easy to use and safe at the same time. Its features are not very complicated and it can be used for a variety of stitches.

How to pick the right one for you?

Janome offer a wide selection of sewing machines that can be broadly divided into multiple categories according to use. The company produces a line of embroidery machines for those who like to embellish and design their own style. The reason for which they are able to create stunning designs is that the units feature multiple stitch patterns so that everything is done automatically. In addition to this, the unit alerts the user when it is time to add another color. The fact that the units can have two or more needles enables the user to work with numerous colors without interrupting the work. In the second place, the company has lines of units that are less complex in features and that respond to the basic needs of the customer. In other words, there are those who are looking forward only to manufacture clothes or curtains. Finally, there are countless models that are specially designed for quilting and the production of finished edges.



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      I started sewing using the Janome 2212 and I can say it really is so easy to use that even kids can get along with it. Now, I can also use more complicated models but I still have it at home for my kids to practice with it.

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