The ultimate guide to finding a family dentist

The ultimate guide to finding a family dentist


When you move with your family in a new town, you have to find quickly a dentist, because the little ones have to have their teeth checked regularly. The problem is that you have no idea how to identify the good and bad dentists, because all you get from your insurance company is a list of names. For many parents, finding a dentist is a daunting task, because they do not pay a lot of attention to this aspect when they plan to move. They focus on finding a family doctor, a school for the children and a gym to hit from time to time. But, when the time for a checkup comes, they understand that choosing a dentist will have a great impact on the health of their children, and it can be a positive or negative one, according to the person they hire. So if you are looking for a family dentistry Vaughan clinic, you should take time to be sure that you choose wisely.

You should ask the dentists if they are interested in the whole body health

You should look for a person who is concerned not only with the teeth of your family members, but also with the connection oral health has with the rest of the body. When you go on your first visit, the dentist should pay attention to your health history and inform you on how oral health affects your entire health. If you notice that the dentist is concerned only with the teeth issues and fixing them, then you should not hire them, because there are other people who could do better for you. If the dentist focuses only on the problems your teeth have, and ignores your general health, you should have second thoughts, because mouth health issues increase the chances of developing dementia, heart disease and diabetes. The right dentist would think of the connection between your teeth issues and the ones of your body.

Ask your current dentist recommend you a specialist

If you are seeing a dentist at the present moment, then you should ask them if they have any knowledge of the professionals from the town where you are moving, because in case they do, they would guide you in the right direction. In the majority of cases, dentists know other specialists from different towns, because they went to school together, or they met at certain events. The more names the dentist offers the better, because you would have a point from where to start.

Ask dentists if they are members of any organisations

It is advisable to hire a dentist who is member of a study club, or similar organisation, because these groups have the purpose to maintain their members’ level at a high standard, and you would benefit from the best services. Also, these groups focus on continuous learning, and this means that the dentist you will hire will have knowledge on every new technique. Dentists who are members in different clubs and organisations work hard to refine their skills, because they want to be known in their domain as great experts.

Ask for recommendations

If your current doctor was not able to help you, you should talk with your work colleagues, neighbours and friends about the dentists they are seeing. You should do exactly as you do when you are looking for a cleaning center, gym or supermarket, because they are living there for a longer period that you do, and they could offer you recommendations. They could tell you who you should avoid, and who you should include on your list. In this way, you will find easier to find the right person for your needs.

Google the names

Think what you do when you are looking for a hairdresser. You look them up online to see what other people have to say about them, and what information available you can find, so you should do the same for finding your dentist. You should not search your dentist in the yellow pages, you should search their name on the internet, because you would definitely find information about them. Pay attention to reviews, because they relate you a story, from which you will understand better if you should take your family to that specialist or not.

Go to their office

When you have a short list of dentists, you want to work with, you should go into their office, and do not forget to take your children with you. You will see if they know how to calm and relax a child, and if the office is children friendly, because the little ones might get nervous while waiting at the reception. Some family dentistry offices have a play space, especially designed for children, where they can spend their time while they are waiting for their checkup. You have to think if you felt comfortable while at the office, and talk with your members, about how they felt. It is important to trust your instincts, because if you feel comfortable and you trust your dentist, then you would have no issues in going for regular visits.