Tips for a perfect exhibition stand design

Tips for a perfect exhibition stand design

During trade shows, your exhibition stand has to be the one that people choose. In order to make people choose it, you must find the most creative ways of doing it, so that your exhibition design technique stands out from the rest. Of course, this is not an easy task and you may need to get informed about the latest design trends or what your competitors did at previous trade shows, to know what to expect. One thing is certain – you need to book your trading show stand location early before the event. No matter how good the design of your exhibition stand, it won’t be enough without a great location at the event’s venue. After that, you can start putting together the design following these few tips:

Set a clear purpose for your stand

Setting very strict goals for the exhibition stand will determine what results it is going to have during the event. By knowing exactly what you want your audience to believe, think or even do, you are following a straight line in a direction of your own choice. Most people want to present ideas and prototypes during trade shows, and if this is the purpose of your own stand too, you need to find ways to present these ideas in the best light and stir the interest of the people who want to know more about them. The goals of your exhibition stand – regardless what they are – should be kept in your mind during all the stages of the design process.

Work with the given space

Second of all, you need to make use of the available space. Depending on the venue where the trade show event is hosted, the space may be more limited than you expect. The booth maximum size will be provided by the person who is in charge with booking the locations at the trade show event. The space you are allocated with must be respected from all points of view. This is why you have to work with just a little display area and be prepared to encounter obstacles in terms of graphic design. In order to create quality exhibition stands, you need to adjust your content to the available area for displaying content. A stand that is too crowded in elements or a stand that presents content which is impossible to read from an average distance won’t generate the wanted results.

Another way of maximizing the space used is by expanding your stand vertically instead of horizontally. Because space tends to be limited on the ground, you can get creative with high signage and suspended posters. Again, this depends to the space requirements of the venue, so if you plan to go vertically with your exhibition stand, make sure you are allowed to first.

Learn more about typography

Exhibition stands are all about transmitting a message quickly and gaining the attention of all the people who are present at the event. This is very difficult to manage, especially if you have no experience with trade shows and you don’t know what to expect from the rest of the people who are going to attend the event. One of the elements that will help you transmit a message quickly and efficiently is represented by typography. Different typefaces transmit different emotions and learning about them takes time. You can either choose the fonts yourself or hire a professional graphic designer who can put together the branding elements of your company or products and the appropriate typefaces for transmitting a message.

Reduce the amount of content

The amount of content you include in your trade show stand design has to be reduced dramatically to avoid getting people bored. More detailed content can be included on other stationery materials such as flyers that you will provide for free during your pitch presentations. Make sure to keep the displayed content to a minimum. This way, you help the attendees of the event assimilate exactly the essential information and nothing more. You create some sort of curiosity that can only be fulfilled by getting in touch with the company or the creator of the idea. Generating future clients is another major purpose of participating to exhibition stands, and the way you deliver content will influence the final result – achieving the goals or not.

Use good lighting fixtures

Good lighting is paramount in all situations, from house viewings to exhibition shows. Some exhibition booths come with incorporate lighting fixtures while other ones don’t. The latter case means that you need to find the appropriate lighting options that match your overall stand design and the branding elements that you included there. Some lighting fixtures may accentuate flaws of your booth’s design while others can hide these flaws and make the stand look more professional. Get informed about the options you have from this point of view and invest money in good lighting fixtures no matter what. Keep in mind that buying an exhibition stand that also includes lighting from within is the easiest way to tackle this one step.

Get creative with materials

The materials used in creating the booth will influence the final result tremendously. Look for promotional display stands that feature quality materials so that you can reuse them, in case you participate to more than just one trade show in a period of less than 6 months. This will help you save a lot of money and generate more leads, reducing the efforts involved. Stay open to using new, unconventional materials for your exhibition stand. For instance, you can step away from plastic and aluminum and try wood and glass. Glass looks great for taller booths that include various lighting fixtures that reflect beautifully around the venue. Wood booths have a more professional, expensive look and they are suitable for industries such as business. Another interesting way to create a booth is by using multiple TV screens or colored LED panels.