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Transform the look of your house with prefinished parquet

Transform the look of your house with prefinished parquet

Sometimes only a small change, can bring a total makeover to a house. Changing the curtains, the lights or flooring also transforms the whole look of your home. All of these redecorations are helpful, but the greatest change is brought by flooring. A beautiful flooring will make your whole residence look like newly decorated. You should focus on changing it in the main rooms of your house, living room and bedroom, because there you spend a large amount of time, and the parquet might be used. You have the option of using parquet prefinito, when buying new flooring, because it will bring you multiple benefits.

The advantages of using prefinished flooring

The main factor that influences homeowners to select prefinished parquet for their homes is that it is easier to install and the process is not time consuming. You should know that one of the best benefits of this type of flooring is its quality. The coating is applied in a factory, in multiple layers, so you will not have to worry that something might go wrong, as to the one that you have to apply by yourself after having it installed. The prefinished version has a durable finish due to its multiple layers, so it has a great advantage when comparing it to the traditional one. You will be amazed when you will first see it, because it has fewer imperfections, because it is done in a closed environment where exterior factors like swirls, hair and dust are not present. The manufacturers are controlling the process to be sure that every new piece of flooring has as fewer imperfections and variations as possible. When you have installed you old hardwood floor, you had felt the odor from the sealant and stain products for a long time, but this time you will not have to move to your friends’ house again, because prefinished parquet does not release any toxic odors.

What color of flooring should I choose?

You can go with the same color you had on your last flooring if you only want to make it look the same, but if you want to totally transform the rooms you should choose a shade that fits well your house style. Usually the old floorings come only in a classic brown, so you did not have many options when you first installed it. Now, you can choose parquet in nude shades, to light up your living room and throw attention to your furniture. If you want to obtain a more modern look, you can choose a type, which features tones of grey. Depending on the style of your bedroom, you can choose hues of brown for creating a warmer space, or you can keep the modern cool style, and add a light colored parquet. The key factor in choosing the shade of the floor is to select one that complements the tone of the walls, and which brings to attention your furniture items.