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UltraLast – Best Gutter Installation in Dallas

UltraLast – Best Gutter Installation in Dallas

Texas weather can be very moody, and the recent Dallas storms have caused havoc among homeowners. Gutter damage is one of the most common problems caused by storms and heavy rainfall. In light of this matter, we have worked together with some experts in order to explain to you, how proper gutter installation can help you prevent numerous problems in the future. We’ve collaborated in the past with the experts from UltraLast Gutters, one of the best gutters Dallas companies, and we wanted to know what makes their gutters so durable and easy to maintain.

Quality gutters

Ultralast Gutters use seamless aluminum gutters. Aluminum is a very affordable material that provides both strength and flexibility, being highly durable. Moreover, unlike other gutter materials, aluminum doesn’t rust, so it won’t require any maintenance. Seamless gutters are made on site, in order to perfectly fit your house’s needs. Unlike traditional gutters, seamless gutters are more durable, and they will not leak as easily.

Wood repair

Your gutters are only as good at your fascia. The experts from UltraLast are equipped for dealing with different types of wood damage and can make the necessary repairs to your fascia, before installing your new gutters. This will not only make your home look better, but it will increase the durability of your gutters.

Quality installation

Aside from their quality gutters, the other factor that makes UltraLast one of the best gutters Dallas companies, is their expert installation process. They use a thick metal flange, placed bellow the fastener that distributes the weight across a wide area, taking some of the pressure away from the screws. Moreover, screws also benefit from optimal placements, their center position directing the weight away from the wood towards the metal elements. The screws are a lot thicker and longer than common gutter screws, in order to withstand heavy rainfalls, all year round.

Leaf solutions

Leafs are the most common gutter problem. They can clog the gutters, causing leaks on heavy rains, and putting additional weight on the gutters, thus affecting their durability. To avoid these problems, Ultralast recommends one of their three leaf solutions: small hole screens, perforated aluminum, and fine mesh screens.

Lifetime guarantee

For lifetime quality, UltraLast recommends their amazing hanger system. If you choose the hanger system, the gutters will be backed by a lifetime guarantee. This means, that never again will you have to worry about overflowing gutters, and if something were ever to happen, you could rest assured knowing that the UltraLast experts will fix everything, without any additional costs for you.