Unmissable places where you can ride the waves

Unmissable places where you can ride the waves

For surf lovers, an unmissable place is the one that offers them ideal surfing conditions. It is understandable that some surfing spots are better than others because of the terrain, tide schedule and wind patterns, factors essential for the surfing experience. So, with these factors in mind, we have made up a list of some of the best spots to catch a wave. These places are hidden gems around the world, and only the ones passionate about this sport have knowledge of them.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Pro surfers know it under the name of “J Bay” because this location is famous worldwide. If you have never visited Africa, this is a spot, you should put on your list. But why is it so famous? It is a location where people have numerous wave choices, from Albatross to Point, Kitchen Windows Magna Tubes, Boneyards and even Supertubes. J Bay is unique in the world; here the high walls of water can generate multiple scenarios when the waves start to roll over. It is recommended to visit this spot from June to August, for an over the top experience.

Laniakea, Hawaii

If you are a beginner surfer, then it is advisable your first trip to search for a place where you can do more than just riding the waves. People choose Laniakea because it is an amazing spot for getting a beautiful tan and getting in touch with a new culture. This destination is popular among the surfer’s community because of Hawaii’s legendary North Shore waves. The Oahu’s 7-mile stretch is the most visited surf area on the planet, and Laniakea is a spot where people go if they want to connect with persons who share their passion for the waves.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands is a chain made of more than 70 islands on the western coast of Sumatra. When arriving here, you will be marvelled by the beauty of the waves, they simply make some of the most wonderful tubes in the world. The Mentawai Islands are a perfect destination for the persons who want to explore some of the most amazing waves of the world. It is advisable to visit this spot from June to September. It is important to note that you will be able to get to the islands only by a charter or ferry. Here you can explore waves like Gilligan’s if you are a beginner, or Lance’s left, Lance’s right, Macaronis and Bankvaluts if you are a pro.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is one of the top surf destinations in Europe, so it is a great opportunity for you to get in contact with the European culture. People love this spot because here you can ride waves the entire year round. If you plan to spend your holiday in Portugal, and surfing is only one of the activities you want to try while being here, then you should plan your trip from May to October. In case you want to organise your entire trip around Algarve surf activities then you should avoid coming here from January to March. The west and south-west coastlines are the most popular ones among surfers, but the central and southeast ones are also great spots to spend some amazing moments on the top of the waves. When in Algarve, you should also explore other activities. Visiting the grottoes and caves during a Benagil SUP tour is one of the things you should definitely put on your list.

Lima, Peru

Peru is famous for the Mayan ruins, but it has much more to offer. Some surfers may not consider it a top destination because of its grey waters, but it has 1,500 miles of coastline. Lima, the capital of Peru is one of the famous surfing destinations worldwide, and some would even say that it is a place for pros. They compare the waves from Lima with the ones from Hawaii, but they find this destination excellent because here they do not have to deal with crowds of people. You can expect to find here waves that range from one meter up. Surfers of different levels can find a spot to practice their skills in Lima.

Black’s Beach, San Diego, California

If you are a seasoned surfer, then you have definitely heard of the Black’s Beach in California. The only reason you may have not checked it yet is the distance it is located from your house. Why is this beach perfect for experienced surfers? It has some of the most powerful breaks in the world, mixed with strong currents and a beginner can easily put himself or herself to danger here. This place is rated as the best surfing spot on the mainland of the USA. And it comes with an extra, the wind does not influence the waves so you can ride the waves the entire day long.

The Samoan Islands

If you do not know where the Samoan Islands are located, then you should search for them on the map in the South Pacific Ocean. They are located close to Fiji so you can plan a trip that targets multiple locations. Surfers love this place because it is a tropical paradise for both surfing passionate people and enthusiastic travellers. From April to October, you will find here some of the largest waves in the world because of the big blows down near Antarctica. But they are not the only swells that are generating waves, the swells are created from multiple directions. You will find here waves like the Special K, that is perfect for surfers of different levels, and the Coconuts, which can be ridden only by pros.

There are also places unknown to many people, like Montanita Beach in Ecuador, where the locals and the surfers know each other and they have established close friendship relationships. Another unexplored surfing place is Joe’s Point, in Oman. Here you can ride waves that last for more than 40 seconds. Here the stretch of coast meets the Indian Ocean on a side and the dessert on the other.