Ways to get out and volunteer this new year


Although the New Year is past gone and we are almost in February, this doesn’t mean that you cannot start doing something new this year. Something for your community, something for the less fortunate and something that will fulfil you on a whole new level. We’re speaking about volunteering and you can start doing it anytime, without restrictions to the cause. You can start helping an organization or a cause in which you believe, but if you are not very familiar with the volunteering world, we have some suggestions in terms of ways to get out and volunteer.

Consider hospital volunteer work as an option

Depending on your abilities and set of skills, you can apply on a variety of volunteer positions at your local hospital, if the establishment is taking volunteer applications. And chances are, they do. Many hospitals are taking volunteers on nurse positions, and if you are not acquainted with the medical field, you may try to volunteer at the hospital’s cafeteria, patient floors and other various positions opened. You can even volunteer as an emergency doctor or nurse, at certain hospitals, because most of these sections are incredibly busy. Nursery departments have also positions opened and let us tell you, new born babies really need the attention and care of a sensitive adult. A big issue emerges when the babies have to be kept under medical supervision for a period after their birth and the family or mother may not be able to permanently stay with them. For the first days, human interaction is highly important to them. You can consider such a position and offer your help to those defenceless and vulnerable.

Search for a volunteering opportunity at a dedicated organization

Certain NGOs and other types of organizations specialise in finding various volunteering opportunities for those interested. This is a great option if you want to coordinate your volunteer work with your passions, hobbies or even skills. Amp the Cause is one of those organizations. Such establishments usually have a vast experience in the matter and pride themselves with plenty of causes and volunteers helped. They also help people develop a stronger connection with the community in which they live. Some positions are open throughout the year, and depending on the needs and causes identified, volunteers can learn a little bit of everything: planting trees, helping the less fortunate, maybe building an access road to a remote area. Make sure to research the positions available at such establishments and pick your cause, because there are plenty! 

Ask around in your community

You may not have some particular skills, but if you really want to volunteer, start asking friends if they know some local organizations or businesses that have volunteering programs that are also community-oriented. They may even be part of such movements. Some places you may find are the local homeless shelter, a local restaurant that volunteers to offer the less fortunate a healthy, warm meal each Sunday morning, maybe an animal shelter or a vet’s office. Zoos also have positions open for volunteers, and you can even try at a local kindergarten. Many kindergartens organize after hour classes for those children with less financial means and maybe whose parents are absent from their lives.

Search for a Red Cross office in your community

The Red Cross is maybe one of the most notorious NGOs around the globe and if you have an office in your community you can pass by and ask if they have any volunteer opportunities in which you may be interested. Some actions consist of teaching children and adults first aid techniques, the organization is frequently involved in building houses for the less fortunate, or even interacting with the elders and ill in the community.

Don’t throw away your food – Feed the homeless

Food waste is an issue of our era. People tend to overbuy and their food ends up in garbage bins. This is unfortunate, because many individuals are struggling to find a healthy meal, many are starving, especially the homeless. It may be a frequent event to estimate your quantities wrong, but you don’t have to throw away the leftovers or even the ingredients that you may have overly supplied on. Simply take the leftovers to those areas where you know that homeless people are present. Cook them something during a weekend with the extra ingredients that you have. And most importantly, if you purchase a product that you don’t like, don’t throw it away; if it’s still god, take it to the homeless. They will certainly appreciate.

Follow the news

If you want to find some good causes to which you can contribute, you can start following the news. Frequently, the media covers social causes you can contribute to or even NGOs and their latest projects. Get in touch with the news channel and ask for some additional details. Ask them if there is an account open for the cause or even if they have some contact details. They will be more than happy to see that their news has the right impact on the right kind of people and they will happily offer you those.

Follow various NGOs on social media platforms

NGOs also have social media platforms where they make their cases and projects known to the large audience. You will find a variety of projects in which you can offer your help by simply searching those channels. If you find a cause in which you believe, simply get in touch with the NGO and ask for additional details. Once again, they will be more than happy to give you more details.

No matter the cause, helping the community is always a rewarding experience. There are always people in less fortunate situations than yourself, there is always a park that has been destroyed by natural calamities or vandalism, and you can bring your contribution to so many causes. Simply search for those in the right place. Or sometimes, a good cause will find you. But it’s always better to show initiative and have a better, more fulfilling year.