Ways to help your kids be physically active

Ways to help your kids be physically active


Multiple reports show that more and more children are obese these days, and as a parent, you should make sure that yours are not dealing with this issue, that can have a negative impact on their health. For being able to prevent this issue, it is advisable to help your children get involved in different physical activities, not only to fight obesity, but also to maintain their good state of health. As a parent, you play an essential role in encouraging your kids get involved into this type of activities, so you should pay this aspect the required attention. If you do not know where to start from, then here are some tips that will help you get your children more physically active.

Help them embrace the outdoors

The simplest way to encourage your child be more active is to send him or her outside. They may not want initially, because they would find the computer games more interesting. So, if your children are captivated by the latest devices, then you can buy them some techy items that can help them have fun outdoors. If you live close to a beach, then it would be a great idea to offer them a metal detector, and encourage them start the treasure hunting. Manufacturers have designed complete ranges of metal detectors that can be used by children, so you should check online to see what options you have. There are studies that show that the kids who spend more time outdoors engaged in different activities are less likely to suffer from weight issues. Also, you should know that the outdoor environment has a great influence on the physical activity your children will get involved into, so you should make sure that you help them choose the one that makes them happy.

Help them make new friends

You should know that the majority of children are more active when they are accompanied by other kids, so you should encourage them spend time with the children their age. Studies show that children get involved into less activities when they are alone, than when they are with a friend. These studies show that 54 percent of the kids are more active if they are accompanied by a friend in their physical activities, so you should allow them to spend time with the other children. You can do this by arranging weekend plays at your house and in this way, you have the possibility to meet their friends, and make sure that they do not have a negative influence.

Set a good example

If you want to help your children be more physically active, then you can be their role mode. You can do this by showing them that you exercise regularly. It is proven that the children who see their parents getting involved into physical activities are more active themselves. You are the one who should teach your children the importance of exercising, and you can show them that you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, by maintaining a regular workout program. In addition, you can include them into your routine. You can take them to hiking during weekends or you can ask them accompany you at a walk after the family dinner. Parents should be the ones who plan pool activities and family bike rides.

Adopt a dog

If you bring home a dog, you will help your children become responsible, and you satisfy their desire of having a pet. They will have to walk the dog multiple times every day, and in this way they will have to be more active and to understand that they have to care for the dog because he is their responsibility. Also, researches show that the families that have a dog do not have issues in helping their children be more active, and make new friends. If you want to adopt a dog, then it is advisable to take one from a breed as Siberian Husky or German Shepherd, because they are active dogs, and your child will have to spend a lot of time with playing with them, and trying to train them.

Sign up your children for sports

One simple way to increase your children’s activity level is to sign them up for different sports. You should talk with them and see which sport they would like to practice, in this way, they will have no issues in following the established program. It is important to let the child decide the sports they want to sign up for, because if you will choose it for them, they will feel forced to do a certain things.

You as a parent have a key role in helping your children reduce the sedentary time, so you should make a priority to exercise with them, and encourage them have a physical active life.