Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Preparing a wedding can be a pretty difficult task if you don’t get some outside help and you’re not well organized. Some people afford to hire a wedding coordinator or some assistant to help them get everything ready in time; but for those who haven’t the budget to invest in something like this, there are other viable options as well. As a bride or groom, or just an amateur trying to put a wedding together, one of your most useful tools can be a wedding checklist. You can either write it down yourself, following a standard model, or keep it in your iPad, laptop, phone or wherever you can reach it easily.

The good news is that you don’t even have to work that hard to get your own wedding checklist ready, because the internet is full of standard checklists that you can adapt to your own needs and type of wedding. The only important thing is that you get started early with preparations, at least a year or six months before the set date. In what follows we’re going to present you some of the more important elements of a wedding checklist, in an order they could be accomplished in. The first step, of course, is letting family and close friends know about the engagement and about the date set for the wedding. This could be done in intimacy, but you can also have an engagement party where you can invite more friends and give them the good news together.

Now you can really start working on your wedding checklist, and the first thing you have to do is figure out what type of wedding you would like. Chose a theme and decide whether you want a religious ceremony or not, as well. When you think about the theme, you could also start looking for venues, because the location can influence the wedding a lot. If, for example, you want an outdoor wedding, you could opt for a cocktail or beach wedding theme. Thus, you can start building up your theme and looking for elements to make it more appealing; for instance, you can make some really cheap beach wedding favors from paper fans, sea shell brooches, or offer your guests a shot of a refreshing beverage as they reach the venue, and they can keep the shots.

One of the most important elements in your wedding checklist has to be the budget, so you know what you can work with. Set up relative sums for each problem, like money for venue, for clothing, for decorations, invitations and so on. Start completing the guest list and find a nice invitation model. If you’ve already reserved a venue, you can start looking for caterers and choose a menu. Look for bride and groom clothing, as well as for bridesmaids and groomsmen early, but don’t buy months in advance because your weight may fluctuate.

The bridal look is also an important part of the wedding checklist. However, this part of the planning process is probably the most entertaining. You should start shopping for a wedding dress about 6 months before the big day. During this time, you can also try out some wedding hairstyles updos or bohemian wedding hairstyles. In order to find inspiration for your bridal look, you can turn to beauty blogs. On these blogs, you will find not only the most gorgeous ideas for wedding hairstyles updos but also a lot of great hairstyle tutorials.