Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

Weddings are some of the most beautiful events in life because they bring people together to witness the love of a couple; it is a celebration of life, of joy, of unity and friendship. Yet they’re as beautiful as they are difficult to accomplish. Preparing for a wedding takes a whole lot of work and you can’t have something truly spectacular and unique if you’re not well organized. Unless you afford to hire a consultant, a wedding planner or some assistant, you can manage everything yourself with the help of a wedding planning checklist. This will help you organize the wedding more easily: you will know from the very beginning where to find cheap ribbons for decorations, how to book a restaurant, what invitations to choose and so on.

You are sure to find many models of wedding planning checklist on the internet that you can download, write down or adapt for your own needs. As you scour through checklists, you will notice that, while different, most of them focus on the same major issues that you need to deal with in order to get everything right. What any wedding planner or married couples will tell you is that you need to start organizing a year in advance or at least six months before the set date.

After you’ve announced all your family and friends about the engagement – and eventually had an engagement party –, you can start working on your wedding planning checklist. Start by searching for venues and deciding on a wedding theme, because these two aspects may influence each other. Once you’ve found a venue and made reservations, you’ve established an exact date for the wedding. This means you can also start looking for churches or someone to solemnize the religious ceremony if you want to have one.

Another important issue on your wedding planning checklist is the menu, so start looking for caterers and set up a menu. The menu could also be influenced by your main wedding theme, so if you’re having an outdoor wedding you may want to opt for foods that are not too difficult to manage in this situation. Flowers and cheap ribbons are also essential because they bring life and beauty to the reception and make everything nicer, so hire a florist as well. You can make the bridal bouquet with them as well if you like how they work. Choosing the bride and groom’s clothing should also be dealt with on time, but not too early before the wedding as you may experience weight fluctuations and discover your clothes don’t fit on the wedding day. For a more detailed wedding planning checklist you can search the internet, where you will also find lots of other advice on how to plan a wedding.