What it’s like to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time?

Saudi Arabia has adopted numerous government initiatives that encourage tourists to visit the kingdom and see how amazing this destination is. If in 2010, the tourism rates were quite low in Saudi Arabia, the latest initiatives will positively influence them, considering that nowadays people can get tourists visas. The goal of the initiatives is to host around 30 million holidaymakers a year by 2030. The Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who wants to change the direction of the economy from its oil dependence to the leisure industry and tourism, supports all these initiatives. This decision was highly influenced by the success of neighbour destinations like Bahrain and Dubai have.

It is important to note that there are some limitations for women and starters when they apply for the visa, the female solo travelers can obtain a 30-day visa only if they are over the age of 25. A family member must accompany the women under 25, who want to visit Saudi Arabia, in order to obtain the visa.

In December 2018, a grand prix race was held in Saudi Arabia, and it offered tourists the opportunity to apply for a 14-day tourist visa to access the race and visit the country. HRH Prince Abdulaziz BinTurki, the vice-chairman of the General Sports Authority considered this opportunity amazing for the persons who want to see the real Saudi Arabia. The race had electric-powered racing vehicles compete against each other through the streets of the ancient city Ad Diriyah. The tourists had the amazing chance to see a UNESCO-listed site, close to the Saudi capital.

When considering the option of spending a vacation in Saudi Arabia, people ask themselves if they will have difficulties because of the tough laws this country has.

Do Saudi Arabia tough laws apply to visitors?

Change can be felt in the air when it comes to the strict rules the Kingdom promotes concerning the religion, alcohol, dress, and women. The laws regarding the tourists are also more relaxed nowadays, and visiting Saudi Arabia is one of the most pleasant experiences people can have.

Actually, Saudi Arabia is an exquisite destination nowadays, thanks to the luxury resorts established across the kingdom. And where you count that people have the possibility to visit more than 50 untouched natural islands? In order to support tourism, the kingdom has in plan to develop more luxury hotels, to improve the logistical infrastructure and to offer tourists access to sea, land and air transport. By the end of 2022, the majority of islands will be transformed into luxury resorts. What it would be like to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time? It will be a breath-taking experience.

What should you visit when you arrive in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh is a place you are going to love

Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom, and it has plenty to offer to tourists because it is a very modern city. All travelers should start their Riyadh tour with a standing watch over the city from the Masmak fort.

The Masmak fort is a museum placed in the centre of Riyadh that exhibits antique costumes, agricultural tools, weapons, and other similar items from throughout the history of the country.

Another important museum is the National Museum of Saudi Arabia; it shares with the visitors the essential elements of the culture, archaeology, and history of the Kingdom. Here tourists can check artwork, documents, antique tools, and many other things.

The ones who are not afraid of heights should visit the Kingdom Centre; it is a skyscraper that is rising 990 feet in height. The design is unique because it features a hole created with the help of an inverted arch, and a 184-foot walkway often referred to as a Sky Bridge. Another tall building you can visit, if you want to feel closer to the sky is the Al Faisaliyah Centre. This building is very special because it was the first skyscraper of the Kingdom, and nowadays is the fourth-tallest skyscraper in the country.

Why should people visit Riyadh?

It is important to start with the accommodation because it is one of the factors that influence the quality of the vacation. The Riyadh luxury hotels’ design is contemporary but filled with rich textures and intricate patterns. Riyadh is famous for the accommodation facilities it offers, they all help tourists get in a tranquillity state and offer them high-class services.

Second, the food is more than one can imagine, it does not matter if you will dine in a simple or luxury restaurant, the cuisine will definitely impress you.

Third, if you want to bring home a souvenir, you can buy it from the shops located nearby touristic attractions, or you can purchase them from one of the ultra-modern malls located throughout the city.

Next destination – Farasan Islands

Saudi Arabia has some of the most beautiful fine beaches in the world, even if very few people know about their existence. The best beaches in Saudi Arabia are in the Farasan Islands, located off the coast of Jizan. This archipelago will see great development work in the near future.

Asir Mountains are the perfect destination for the ones who crave for nature

Asir Mountains are located in the south-western part of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is not a kingdom where the desert is the only natural landscape one can visit. Alongside desserts, camels and oil wells, the Kingdom has some of the most bewildering mountains. Asir Mountains are home for lizards, eagles and a half a million wild baboons. It is an isolated and secret place, but now that you know of its existence, you have no excuse not to check it.

Mada’in Daleh gets you in touch with ancient civilisation

This is the largest conserved site of the Nabataean civilisation. Sites of the Nabataeans civilisation can also be found in Jordan, but the crowds of people who come there to take pictures to reduce their beauty. Here, you will hardly find another visitor when you will arrive at the site. The site is dating from the 1st century BC, it features 111 monumental tombs, and 94 of them have decorated facades.

A word before booking your flight ticket. Make sure you research the way you have to dress and behave when you visit Saud Arabia, it is important to show the locals that you respect their culture and traditions.