Which Are The Best Shoes For Bunions

Women tend to have more problems with bunions and the cause seems to be poorly chosen footwear that damages the bone structure of their feet. In this case, it’s crucial to get rid of the shoes that have caused the bunions and start wearing proper shoes that control the issue and prevent it from getting worse. As such, you must know which are the proper shoes for wearing when suffering from bunions and how you can differentiate them from other types of footwear.

Special shoes

Aside from choosing regular shoes with certain particularities, you can also go for footwear that was specially designed for dealing with prominent bunions. Search Shoes.Best to find the best shoes for bunions that provide comfort and breathability for your feet so you won’t have to deal with the painful bunions.

Wide shoes

Although you might fancy stiletto shoes, bare in mind that narrow shoes are the main cause of bunions because they squeeze the toes and put pressure on your joints. Therefore, when buying a new pair of shoes, look for a wider model to keep your feet more comfortable. Although in most cases, the width is directly proportional to the length of the sole, you will make a difference if you pick a slightly wider model.

Soft fabrics

For a shoe not to feel tight, it must be made of soft materials that allow for stretching. Canvas or mesh are the most appropriate materials that allow your foot to move and expand while walking so that the pressure on your bones will not cause any pain. Usually, sports shoes like trainers and sneakers are the best for treating bunions because they are the most comfortable. If you prefer something more elegant, go for dockside, moccasins, or loafers.

A larger number

Sometimes, buying a pair of shoes that is one number larger than your actual size can help you relieve the pain and pressure on your toes. Flat shoes that are larger will feel comfier and won;t slip while walking but shoes with heels might require adding some insoles to fill the inside.

Low heels

High heels are nice and they make your feet look thinner and more appealing but they can also worsen the bunions problem. When wearing high heels, the entire body weight is carried by your toes so the pressure on the front area of your feet is enormous. If you notice signs you might get bunions, avoid wearing shoes with high heels because this will only worsen things.