Why employers are recruiting with the help of online platforms

Why employers are recruiting with the help of online platforms

Nowadays employers use online recruitment techniques when they want to find new employees. These companies favour social media, when they want to find employees and diverse online recruiting strategies. Online platforms are a revolutionary method for both employees and employers, because they offer increased efficiency. Employers and professional recruiters rely on job portals like, when they want to find professionals. Online recruiting platforms are helping companies to cross geographic-boundaries, and to find the specialists they are looking for. Both companies and job seekers have many advantages when they use online recruiting platforms, and this article focuses on the benefits employers have.

Companies save time

Online recruitment platforms allow for real-time interaction, and companies have hiring activity 12X7. Companies can quickly post their open jobs and be sure that they will find the specialist they are looking for, because these platforms have no CVs limit. They will start receiving applications instantly, and their post remains active as long as they want. It is highly effective in comparison with newspapers, which might appear a week later after the company posts its job. These online platforms are 70% faster than traditional methods, and speed up every step of the hiring process.

Reduce the cost of hiring

When using these websites companies have to pay up to 90% lower prices, then when they use traditional recruiting methods. Some online platforms offer companies the opportunity of posting their jobs free, and they charge the job seeker. Alternatively, they offer the job seeker the opportunity of applying for free, and they ask the company to pay an affordable price. Online recruiting sites charge less money than newspapers, and this makes them very used.

Wider reach for candidates and companies

Traditional recruiting methods are usually restricted by geography, career level and industry, but online platforms offer companies and candidates the opportunity of accessing them from almost every corner of the country. These databases are updated regularly, and the persons that manage them are taking care to offer their clients diverse, relevant and high quality information. Candidates can access jobs in locations and companies they may not otherwise know of, and they have the opportunity of applying with a simple click. Companies can contact in this way, possible employees that are living in a faraway region, and who are open to move for a job.

Filtration tools and confidentiality

Many online platforms offers employers the possibility of filtrating their potential candidates, so they can interview only the ones that suit the profile of the job. They have to select the search criteria and be sure that job seekers will apply only if they have the wanted qualifications. These websites offer the company the possibility to control the hiring process, because they can contact the possible candidates in real time. In addition, online recruitment platform maintain the confidentiality of the persons that post jobs, and they maintain the confidentiality of job seeker. Some candidates might be looking for a job while working for a company, and this helps them keep secret the fact that they are applying for a new post. Online recruitment platforms prove to be very helpful for both employers and job seekers.