Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society

Even if humans are known to be the most intelligent beings on earth we can not refer to humans only as creatures that are endowed with reasoning but also that have the ability to develop and multiply their species and habitats in the detriment of vegetation and animals. There is no secret that these days the rapid urbanization and industrialization has affected severely the natural environment and landscaping. But, putting humans artificial settlements all over the place not just affected the natural environment in replacing greenery with cement and different buildings and highways but also affected wildlife that had to restrict the living area. These days, many species of plants, animals and birds can be categorized as rare and this is mainly because people didn’t gave their interest in conserving and ensuring ecosystems with enough space to develop and survive.

On the other hand, you should know some civil society organizations specialize today in keeping wildlife conserved and setting some limits and boundaries within which humans not to be permitted to pass in order to reduce vegetation and animal life.

Among such civil society organizations we should definitely mention the Wildlife Conservation Society. This Society was created at the end of the 19th century and it previously carried the name of New York Zoological Society. This organization is among the ones managing the largest wild areas on earth. It also struggles to manage over five hundred projects for natural field conservation.

Even though it is an American civil society, Wildlife Conservation Society also tries to get involved in preserving the rare species of plants, animals, birds and natural landscapes existing in many other countries of the globe.

You should know the Wildlife Conservation Society tries to keep things simple in preserving nature and to gather as many specialists as it can in ensuring effective research and knowledge in this approach in order to keep rare species of plants and animals far from being compromised. We can place in the administration of this society even many zoos, natural parks and aquariums that are also attracting many visitors and tourists from every corner of the world all year round.

You should know that there are many warnings today over some species of animals that are about to be extinct unless some non-profit organizations protect them. Among the animals that can be categorized as rare we can mention the red wolfs, the Javan rhinos, the Golden Tabby or strawberry tigers, the giant pandas, the Cuban crocodile, the yellow-eyed penguins and many more.