Wine fridge buying guide for wine lovers

Wine fridge buying guide for wine lovers


As a wine lover, you probably increase your bottle collection on a regular basis, and sooner or later you will conclude that is time to store them in a proper place. Fortunately, nowadays, you can find a wide range of options in terms of wine storage, but choosing between them is not something that you should take lightly. If you are overwhelmed with the extensive selection of wine refrigerators you have come across, following a short and concise buying guide will sort things out for you, and help you make a suitable decision, so keep reading to find out more:

Bottle capacity – storage space

The first aspect to pay attention to is the bottle capacity of the fridge. To make a suitable choice, you will need to consider your storage needs. How large is your wine bottle collection? Are you planning to increase the collection significantly over time? There are units available that can store from 5 or 6 bottles to even 250, so it is up to you to choose an option that suits your needs. While buying a fridge that is way too large for your current wine collection might not seem like a financially wise thing to do, you still need to think about how your collection might expand over the next period of time, and if the refrigerator can actually accommodate that expansion.

Single vs. dual zone temperature control

If you are a wine lover, you probably know by now that your reds need to be kept at a different temperature than your whites. This is the reason why a dual zone temperature control exists, when it comes to wine refrigerators. However, if you are interested in this particular addition, you will have to purchase a fridge that can store more than 50 bottles. When the refrigerator is too small, keeping an area warmer than the other is not exactly realistic. So, you will have to decide between a small cooler and a fridge that has a functioning dual temperature control.


Some wine coolers and fridges come with various great features, features you might believe you do not actually need, but may prove to be extremely useful at a certain point. Locks, reversible door hinges, thermostat options and LED lights can make a wine fridge more practical and convenient in certain situations. Although you should not exceed your budget too much for a feature that is not essential, if you can afford spending a bit more, choosing a few smart design additions can be a wise decision to make.


One thing that you should not overlook when buying a wine fridge, especially if you are making your purchase online, is warranty. Regardless how popular that particular option might be among buyers, you can never be 100 percent sure that the refrigerator you opt for is truly as qualitative as you desire. Having a warranty for it will give you peace of mind because you will know you can receive your money back or a product replacement if the refrigerator shows signs of malfunction after a short period of usage. Also, if you are purchasing form an online store, perhaps the item will turn out to be not as appealing or suitable for your needs as you initially thought, so having the possibility of returning it will be useful. Check the online shop’s return policy in advance to save yourself from inconveniences.

Read reviews

After going through each one of these steps, and narrowing down your choices to only a few options, the last thing you need to do, but equally important, is reading a few reviews. What better way to figure out if the product you are interested in buying is worth the price than from someone who already owns the fridge? Just by searching on the web, you will easily find yourself an informative website, which can provide you with an accurate and detailed review, containing all the information you need regarding the product. Learning if it has a good money value, or if there are any other cheaper alternatives equally qualitative, finding out what features it comes with, and other relevant details of this kind will be possible through a review written by someone with a bit more expertise than you. If you want to spend your money wisely, making informed purchases is a must, and reviews will help you do that.

If you want to own the perfect refrigerator for your wine collection, following a few buying guidelines will come in handy. Considering the extensive range of options you can find on today’s market, making the right choice will not be as easy as you expected, so knowing a few tips on the subject will most certainly help you out. Now that you know the most important purchase considerations, you can start looking at offers and compare them based on the details above mentioned. Remember that reading a well written review before making your final choice can prevent you from investing your money in the wrong product.