Writing Up Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing Up Your Own Wedding Vows

Weddings are considered to be so beautiful because they are a celebration of life and love, so even those who are not getting married and participate just as guests feel happy to be part of such a joyous event. Seeing two people in love, being united and promising themselves to each other for life can be very inspiring, but how does one get inspiration to make those promises? We are talking, of course, about the wedding vows, one of the highlights of a wedding because they are a material and observable declaration of love and solidarity.

Many couples like to opt for the standard vows that are usually said during religious ceremonies, but others prefer to write their own wedding vows or recite a favorite poem or quote. Choosing your own wedding vows may not even be an option if you don’t want to have a religious ceremony, because then you’ll want to say them during the secular ceremony or during some other moment chosen by you. You can get more ideas and inspiration for your wedding vows on, but it’s good to maintain as much originality as possible; you don’t really have to write your vows like others do, what matters most is that you say something from the heart, or something that has a lot of meaning for you and your future spouse.

What is important to know when you write your own wedding vows is that you need to speak from the heart. Don’t worry about saying something smart and profound that will impress people, say something that you truly believe in and that will show your partner how and why you care so much for them. You may even recall a funny anecdote, or speak of how the two of you met. The wedding vows don’t need to be very long, so try not to exceed five minutes; if you have more to say to your partner you will have the rest of your lifetimes to do so.

Another great option for nice wedding vows is choosing a poem or lyrics from a favorite song and reciting them for your partner as a dedication. Quotes from a book will also work as long as they express how you feel about your new husband or wife. Something that isn’t done too often is that the newlyweds share the same vows. Write something nice together that could work as a dialogue; recite it by alternating between you and your partner, so that it seems like you’re having an intimate and loving conversation, yet with a touch of performance for the guests to enjoy as well. However, we must accept that not everyone is good with words and some may find it difficult to express how they feel; don’t worry, because you can find examples of wedding vows on the internet and imitate them, let them guide you towards saying what you want to say.