If there is a special occasion approaching like the birthday of one of your kids for example, you are surely wondering about what to purchase in order to offer as perfect gift. You should know that when it comes to the little ones they seem to prefer different gifts, but a very popular gift almost all kids adore, no matter if they are girls or boys is a puppy.

If you need to search the websites for a breed that should make a perfect choice in picking a dog for your little ones then you might want to find out more about the Yorkshire Terrier. This dog breed is also termed as Yorkie as it is much easier to recall.

Like most dogs, Yorkies love children. However, it is a common fact that all small dog breeds are full of energy, which is why they are not suited for very small children who don’t know how to behave around dogs. Furthermore, due to the fact that they have so much energy, small dogs have little patience. It is essential to teach children the proper way of interacting with children.

If you want the child to learn the meaning of responsibility, you should allow him to be in charge of feeding the dog and of cleaning after it. Since the child will be the dog’s direct owner, it is important for them to know how to display an air of firm authority. All small dog breeds are susceptible to a behavioral problem, known as the small dog syndrome. This problem appears when the dog is overly spoiled and does not know the meaning of obedience. It would not hurt to take your child to a few dog training courses before giving them the responsibility of owning a dog.

You should know that there are endless data regarding this dog breed available on the Internet from the diet you should give them in order to ensure them a healthy growth to the ways in which you can train them in order to take the orders you are giving them depending on different contexts.

You should know that the diet is very important for a Yorkie as it is the main factor that keeps them agile and alert. And when it comes to Yorkshire Terriers you should know they are very agile, intelligent and loyal dogs.

There are though some reviews that report about some dog owners that have a problem with this type of dogs in barking for too much and at some inappropriate hours. But, you should know that with a complete guide on how to train your little dog you can get it trained to bark only when it is the case. These toy dogs are very smart although they are so little and they can be quite easy to train because they tend to be very obedient as well. They are the perfect dogs for the little ones to play with. And if you have a toddler around you, you need to know a Yorkie will harm him/her by no mean.

Kids will adore such puppies around, especially as they seem to have the same behavior as little children in being always ready to start a new game and get active in the game playing. Since they are so little they tend to request a lot of attention, but on the other side they are overprotective as well. And although they are known to be great as companion dogs, they can be excellent watch dogs too. With an appropriate training you can have them bark and signalize you when a stranger is near your house.
However, if you like small sized dogs that look adorable this dog breed might be exactly what you are looking for.

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